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New World Record On International Mental Health Day

Saturday the 10th October 2020 was world mental health day where organisations and their people are encouraged to promote mental health, wellbeing and raise awareness of this important subject in anyway they can.

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Eton Harris Adventurer Sets New World Record On International Mental Health Day.

At The Eton Harris Group, mental health and well being is something we take very seriously both in the workplace with our staff and of course at home with our families.

This year we continued to support our company adventurer and charity fundraiser Jordan Wylie who was taking part in a project called “Beneath The Surface” with the Army Cadets, where he holds the volunteer role of U.K. National Ambassador. Jordan and his female counterpart Sally Orange were trying to set a new world record of running the deepest ever underground marathon in history. At the same time that they were underground all of the young cadets were taking part in the biggest ever online training session, which was on the subject of mental well-being. The course had been designed especially for world mental health day and our adventurer Jordan set out on his mission to inspire thousands of young people from across the U.K.

We are delighted to announce that Jordan (and Sally) were able to write the Army Cadets into the official Guinness book of records with over 1,623 cadets being trained and a full marathon being completed at more than 1000 metres below the surface of the North Sea at a polyhalite mine, the worlds deepest at ICL Boulby in North Yorkshire.

We were delighted to chat to Jordan straight after he came out of the mine and he said the following:

"That was an extremely tough marathon, perhaps the toughest I’ve ever done for several reasons. Firstly, I haven’t had any chance at all to train my legs as I’m currently in the middle of another incredible adventure supported by Eton Harris Group, attempting to be the first person in history to Standup Paddleboard around Great Britain, so I literally have not run (or walked) in nearly 3 months. I have then headed down a mine, more than 1000 metres underground into pitch black darkness with my helmet, head torch and safety goggles and ran in temperatures of 30 degrees plus for nearly 8 hours, it was brutal . From the half way stage, I experienced severe cramps and pains in both legs and was in excruciating pain for at least 10 miles. It would of been very easy to give in, and believe me I really wanted too, but I was able to “Remember My Why” throughout which really kept me chipping away to the finish line. 2 weeks ago the Army Cadets lost a promising young girl, cadet called Chantelle Jones from a small detachment in North Wales. She had been bullied at school over a long period of time both in person and online via social media. Tragically Chantelle took her own life as result of this bullying, I only found out about this a few days before the world record attempt and it broke my heart, literally. No child or adult should ever feel the need to have to end their life through bullying and I’m determined to do more for young people on this subject moving forward. I decided before the race that I would dedicate this world record to Chantelle Jones if I was successful and I’m pleased to say we was. My thoughts and prayers are with Chantelle’s family at this terribly sad time and once again a big thank you to everyone at Eton Harris Group for their incredible unwavering support as always.” Jordan

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Eton Harris is proud to be the exclusive personal sponsor of Jordan Wylie in his quest to inspire hope to children around the world through education and positive action.

Jordan Wylie

The Great British Paddle 2020:
An official world record attempt by Jordan Wylie to complete a full circumnavigation of Great Britain on a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) in aid of Frontline Children.

Jordan Wylie


Jordan Wylie

Running Dangerously - The Polar Edition 2020 : Training Phase

Jordan Wylie

Running Dangerously – Polar Edition
Jordan will be flying the Eton Harris flag at both the North and South Pole and will run a marathon at the “ends of the earth” at geographic north and south.

Jordan Wylie

Humanitarian & Charity Work

Jordan Wylie

2019 :Rowing Dangerously world first attempt to row the most dangerous strait of water on the planet in aid of Frontline Children (50%), Epilepsy Action (25%) and Seafarers UK (25%)

Jordan Wylie