Humanitarian & Charity Work

In 2019 Jordan made his first visit to Sierra Leone in supported by the Eton Harris Group. Jordan’s one week visit included visit several orphanages for children that had lost their families during the Ebola epidemic of 2014/15. Ebola has wiped out many families leaving thousands of children needing critical care and without the basic needs of security, clean food, water and of course education being met. Jordan visited one of the most heavily affected areas for Ebola (Magazine Wharf) and was moved by what he saw. Jordan’s fundraising allowed a significant donation to be made to Frontline Children and Wharf Kids, two UK registered charities to help inspire hope through education for these children. The donation will find the education of 10 children for the next 12 months in full time education. Jordan will go back in early 2020 to minor the progress and provide and an update.

Inspiring Hope & Changing Lives Through Education :

One of the reasons we continue to support Jordan Wylie at the Eton Harris Group is because our visions and values are completely aligned to helping children around the world access education and new opportunities.

Our current main objective over the next 18 months is to build a school on the Horn of Africa in Djibouti where there are more than 27,000 child refugees. As well as Djibouti we continue to support children’s education at present in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Sierra Leone. Through our exclusive partnership with Jordan we delivery regular educational resources to schools in under developed areas in all these countries on a regular basis.

In the gallery below you can find pictures of the latest project in Djibouti in the As’Eyla region.