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As a financial solutions company we know that being able to make a simple international transaction could make all the difference.

The Eton Harris Group has partnered with globally trusted FCA Regulated companies that specialise in trading foreign currency. This partnership benefits our clients as individuals, their companies or their employees to move money securely overseas with lower transaction fees and competitive exchange rates.

The Eton Harris Group has over 10 years of experience in bespoke financial services making it easy for us to deliver experience and personal service with dedicated account managers and our qualified investment managers are able to provide individually tailored services in foreign exchange, hedging, mass payments and investment opportunities for individuals and companies.

Forex Services

Mass Payments

From royalty payments to payroll or redemptions, our forex services extend to be able to assist clients to seamlessly upload bulk payments. Our platform validates payments immediately, saving our clients time and resources when making mass payments.

Hedging Solutions

Offering active and passive hedging solution to our clients with an expert advisor to support you all they way. We have our clients best interests at the core of our focus by reducing their risks in currency exchange rates

Global Currency Accounts

We can open multiple currency accounts for clients who do international business and would need to pay imports, exports, services and suppliers etc. regularly. Through global currency accounts our clients can fix exchange rates in advance, make and track payments and convert currency.

Forex and International Payments

Our forex services help clients, businesses and individuals to make and receive international payments. Forex payments are easy, transparent and secure and are not limited once payments, but can save time when making regular or recurring payments as well. This service is perfect for clients who transfer money for property purchases, salary transfers, pension payments etc.

Client Money Solutions

We help our clients to manage their clients money through our segregated bank accounts or dual bank accounts. In this way our clients who have an existing forex account with us can process subscriptions or redemption payments. Our clients can also hold investor funds and bonds with the ability to have a clear audit trail of inbound and outbound transactions related specifically to their money.