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“The Great British Paddle 2020”.

An official world record attempt by Jordan Wylie to complete a full circumnavigation of Great Britain on a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) in aid of Frontline Children.

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Our official charitable adventurer and fundraiser Jordan Wylie is on another major expedition and flying the family flag (literally from his support boat) for Eton Harris Group. The last 4 months have been very testing for us all as the world tries to come to terms with the aftermath and ongoing management of COVID-19. Although we all hope it will be business as usual soon, we must all get now used to new ways of working and also be very grateful for the things in our life that we often take for granted.

As you may know, we were supposed to be running through the 10 coldest places on the planet in 2020 as part of our fundraising mission on the Horn of Africa where together with Eton Harris we have been trying to inspire hope through education to child refugees in Djibouti from Yemen and Somalia respectively, all of which have been affected by war and conflict. Although Jordan will return to his polar running challenge when international air space opens fully (hopefully soon), we decided we needed a challenge closer to home to inspire those young people in the U.K. who have been locked up in their family houses for the last 4 months. We are delighted to bring to you, THE GREAT BRITISH PADDLE! An incredible world first and world record attempt to circumnavigate the whole of Great Britain on a Standup Paddleboard in aid of Frontline Children.


EtonHarris Adventurer Makes Standup Paddle History

After 149 days, 7 hours and 36 minutes of paddling covering 2377.29 KM of which became the longest Standup Paddleboard (SUP) journey in history via open water. The Great British Paddle starring our Charitable Adventurer sadly came to an abrupt end due to Covid Restrictions.

It wasn’t the never ending series of storms, the psychological torture of waiting for a weather window each day or the physical effects of fatigue and exhaustion from paddling what’s considered one of the toughest coastlines on the planet - it was simple series of email exchanges and a phone call from Scottish Government officials informing Jordan and his team that to continue would be in breach of new coronavirus regulations and laws. They could have tried to fight and argue their case further given that many professional sports teams continue to play each week across the nation, but they felt even though Jordan was only 23 kilometres away from making adventure history at John O’Groats that this was a time to lead by example and do the right thing for which we are very proud of our adventurer. Jordan said from day one that this was never about records, awards or any kind of applause or acknowledgement from the public, it was about inspiring young people both overseas and back home through the gift of education and the spirit of adventure. It was of course with great sadness and frustration the journey ended for Jordan and his support team but wow, what an adventure it was and we were very proud to sponsor Jordan again this year on his incredible charity fundraising mission. We spoke to Jordan after he finished in Scotland and he commented the following:

“Firstly I want to say a big thank you to the Eton Harris Group team for their incredible support year after year. You have been a family and more to me and everywhere I go in the world there is no one prouder than I am to fly the company flag. This expedition raised over £85,000 (and rising) for the charity Frontline Children and it is because of your direct ongoing support that I am able to do my very best to help inspire children through the gift of education and the spirit of adventure around the world. Thank you so much for continue to sponsor me but most importantly for making a huge difference and having a positive impact on children’s lives”.

You may think that Jordan is heading home now for a well earned rest and a bit of relaxation, you couldn't be more wrong if that’s the case. In 2022 he will attempt to do what he started last year by running marathons at the top if the world (North Pole) and the end of the Earth (Antarctica). Stay tuned for another adventure update soon...

"I am super grateful to the team at Eton Harris. They have been like a family to me and the fact I get to work with them every day is a real privilege. They are the reason I am able to visit so many schools, cadet units and youth organisations and share my experiences to help others. I will fly their flag proudly as always.” Jordan

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Eton Harris is proud to be the exclusive personal sponsor of Jordan Wylie in his quest to inspire hope to children around the world through education and positive action.

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Jordan Wylie

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